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Toys Storage Bucket

Toys Storage Bucket

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Say Goodbye to the Toy Tornado! 

No more scattered mess with our revolutionary toy storage bucket and play mat!

Easy Clean Up!

Experience the joys of fast clean up! This is the secret weapon every parent needs!

2 Storage Options In 1

The large bucket ensures effortless organization for storage and the play mat features a convenient drawstring to pull and use the mat as a second toy storage bag.


Developmentally Appropriate

Watch your child's self confidence soar as they master the art of clean up! Model clean up for your child, or make a game of gathering any toys onto the mat. 

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Made To Last

The felt bucket and heavy duty handles are resistant to damage during use and the play mat/storage bag  is durable for daily use.


Toy Organizer, Storage Bin Basket & Play Mat for Kids, Collapsible Storage Bin   - Picture 12 of 16

Specifications : 

 high quality felt and oxford fabric,




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